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E3DATEM - Master key date and change number

E3DATEM001 - Master key date and change number

E3DECOM - Decompositions

E3DEP - Basic data of dependency

E3DEPCM - Compilation of dependency net

E3DEPDC - Documentation of dependency

E3DEPDN - Node of discrimination net

E3DEPPT - Pattern of discrimination net

E3DEPSC - Source code for dependency

E3DEPSP - Simple pattern of dependency net

E3DEPTX - Language-dependent descriptions of dependency

E3DEPVR - Variables in dependency net

E3DIFF1 - Differences in production

E3DIST1 - Malfunction reasons CC2

E3DOSTM - Master document structure

E3DRADM - Master material DRAD

E3DRAWD - Document-object link

E3DRAWM - Master document

E3DRAWP - Document logs

E3DRAWT - Description (language-dep.)

E3DRAWU - Subordinate documents


E3DUMMY - Dummy segment for IDoc type SYNCHRON

E3DWLD1 - Configuration of communications channels on subsystem

E3DWLD2 - Length of segments

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