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CYKAKOTB - Work center

CYKAKO_SEQ - Internal Table for Work Center Sort

CYKAKO_TAB - Object table capacity header

CYKAPABEL - Capacity commitment for display of Gantt chart (forwards)

CYKAPAMBEL - Capacity commitment for display of Gantt chart (forwards)

CYKAPAN - Table showing available capacity

CYKAPARBEL - Capacity commitment for Gantt chart (backwards)

CYKAPASBEL - Structure of capacity usage summary

CYKAPUEBER - Table for standard overview for XXL-list viewer

CYKAP_TAB - Table with selected capacities and indices

CYKBEDPLAF - Relations table between KBED and pegged requirements

CYKBEDQUAN - Allocation of operation quantity to indiv. people/capacities

CYKBEDSAUF - Relation table between KBEDs and SAUFs

CYKBED_TAB - Object table capacity requirements records

CYKOMBI - Internal table for set combinations

CYKOMINDEX - Indexes for Combinations of Table BED_GRU

CYKOMZU - Assignment of requirements for set combination to column

CYKUBEL - Standard capacity overview / load and available capacity

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