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CSKA - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)


CSKAB - Structure of cost element master for change docs.

CSKAF - Field selection from CSKA for master data validation

CSKAP - Structure for cost lement update (CSKA1,TITAB)

CSKAS - Cost elements + short description

CSKAU - Explicit indicators for CSKAF

CSKA_B_U - Cost Element: CSKA + CSKB + CSKU

CSKA_HIST - Cost element: history

CSKB - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)

CSKBD - Cost Element: Extra Fields for CSKA and CSKB

CSKBV - Control indicators in the cost element B segment

CSKBZ - Cost Element: CSKA + CSKB + CSKBD + CSKU

CSKB_APP - Append Structure for CSKB

CSKB_ATTRI - Cost Element: Attributes

CSKB_CI - Customer Enhancement

CSKB_CORE - Cost Element Master Data Fields and Text in Application Core

CSKB_EX - Cost Elements: Maintainable Fields

CSKB_HR - Cost Element (HR View)

CSKB_JOVE - Cost Element: Joint Venture

CSKB_KEY - Key Fields for CSKB: Object Key (No Date)

CSKB_KONT - Cost Element: Default Assignment

CSKB_MENGEN - Cost Element: Quantity Fields

CSKB_S_HIEINTV_0102 - Interface: Hierarchy Intervals

CSKB_S_HIENODE_0102 - Interface: Hierarchy Elements

CSKR - Resource master record

CSKRF - Field selection from CSKR for master data validation

CSKRU - Ambiguity Indicator for CSKRF

CSKR_ALE - Resource Planning: Structure for BAPI Function Group 1139

CSKR_EX - Resources: Maintainable fields

CSKR_EXT - Formula Planning: Master Data for Resource / Cost Element

CSKR_KEY - CSKR key fields: Object key (without date)

CSKR_KEY_COMPL - CSKR key fields

CSKS - Cost Center Master Data

CSKSB - Cost center master strucure for change documents

CSKSC - Cost Center: Screen Controls (Buttons and List Boxes)

CSKSD - Cost Center: Extra Fields for CSKS

CSKSF - Field selection from CSKS for master data validation

CSKSI - Field Selection from CSKS

CSKSP - Structure for cost center update (KOST1,TITAB)

CSKSS - Cost centers + short description

CSKST - Field Selection from CSKS: CSKSV + all texts from CSKT

CSKSTPL - Template Assignment for Cost Centers

CSKSU - Explicit indicators for CSKSF

CSKSV - Control indicators from cost center master record

CSKSW - Cost center view for texts and currency


CSKSZ - Cost center: CSKS + CSKSD + CSKT

CSKS_ADRE - Cost Center: Address

CSKS_BROAD - Cost Center: Fields for Broadcasting

CSKS_CI - Customer enhancement

CSKS_CORE - Cost Center Master Data Fields and Text in Application Core

CSKS_CORE_APP - Append Structure for CSKS_CORE

CSKS_EX - Cost Centers: Maintainable Fields

CSKS_HIST - Cost Center: History

CSKS_HR - Cost Center (HR View)

CSKS_HR1 - Cost Center (HR View): Data for Interface

CSKS_HR_APP - Append Structure for CSKS_HR

CSKS_JOVE - Cost Center: Joint Venture

CSKS_KEY - Key Fields for CSKS: Object Key (No Date)

CSKS_KOMM - Cost Center: Communication

CSKS_KZ - Cost Center: Indicator, Structures, and Templates

CSKS_ORG - Cost Center: Organizational Units

CSKS_PI - Cost center structure for plan price iteration

CSKS_S_HIEINTV_0101 - Interface: Hierarchy Intervals

CSKS_S_HIENODE_0101 - Interface: Hierarchy Elements

CSKS_T - Cost Center: CSKS + CSKT

CSKT - Cost Center Texts

CSKT_CSKS - Generated Table for View

CSKU - Cost Element Texts

CSKV - Resource texts

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