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CLOANREF - Structure for Change Documents for LOANREF

CLOBJ - Object Table

CLOBJDAT - Reference structure: Classification data per object

CLOBJEKRANGE - Range Structure for OBJEK (Object Key)

CLOBJEKTE - Transfer structure: classified objects

CLOBJGEN - Structure for Objects for Generated Tables

CLOBTABRANGE - Range Structure for OBTAB (Object Table in Customizing)

CLOIAPPL - Transition matrix application


CLOICAL - Ranges Structure for Calendar ID

CLOICLASS - Ranges Structure for Classes

CLOICLTYP - Ranges Structure for Class Types

CLOICRCA - Table CRCA with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOICRCO - Table CRCO with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOICRHD - Table CRHD with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOICRTX - Table CRTX with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOIDISMM - Ranges Structure for MRP Type


CLOIDOWNLPROT - POI: Times/Dates of the last download to a log. System

CLOIEBANU - Purchase Requisition information for upd via interface (LOI)

CLOIEKPOU - Purchase order information for upd via interface (LOI)

CLOIHNAME - Ranges Structure for Hierarchies/Networks

CLOIIDOCQ - Information on IDOC queue for transmission to ext. system

CLOIIFPAR - Interface Parameters for the LOI Interface

CLOIJAHR - Ranges Structure for Calendar Year

CLOIKAKO - Table KAKO with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOIKAKOU - KAKO Information for Update via Interface (LOI)

CLOIKAPA - Table KAPA with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOIKAPAU - Available Capacity Update via Interface (LOI)

CLOIKAPE - Table KAPE with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOIKARE - Daily available capacity table with IDoc relvant fields

CLOIKAZY - Table KAZY with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag

CLOIKAZYD - Delete Capacity Interval via Interface (LOI)

CLOIKAZYI - Capacity Interval Generation via Interface (LOI)

CLOIKEYALL - Key for all Objects in the LOI Interface

CLOILGORT - structure for LGORT ranges tables

CLOIMAP - Mapping Between External and Internal Number (LOI)

CLOIMAPLSTRUCT - Structure for MAPL + additional fields

CLOIMAPTMP - Mapping of External onto Internal Number (LOI; Internal)

CLOIMASA - Structure for BOM Download (Alternatives)

CLOIMAST - Structure for BOM Download (Material BOM Connection)


CLOIMATWRK - Material + plant key

CLOIMETLOG - Log for Executed Methods (and respective object)

CLOIMISC - Miscellaneous Data Elements for LOI

CLOIMOBLOG - Objects Involved in Message (Log)

CLOIMSGLOG - Messages in Log

CLOIMSGTXT - Message Text

CLOIOPER - Operation Info for Order for Returning Data (Interface)

CLOIOPER3 - Operation Information for Order: as CLOIOPER but with E3AF

CLOIOPERU - Operation Information for Update via Interface (LOI)

CLOIORD - Order Information for Returning Data via Interface

CLOIORD3 - Order Information: as CLOIORD but with E3AFKOL

CLOIORDI - Order Information for Generation via Interface (LOI)

CLOIORDSEQ - Sequence in Order: for Uploading Data in LOI

CLOIORDSQ3 - Sequence in Order: as CLOIORDSEQ but with E3AFFL

CLOIORDU - Order Information for Update via Interface (LOI)

CLOIPCMNR - Ranges table for pcmnr field

CLOIPLAF - Planned order information for data return using interface

CLOIPLAF3 - Planned Order Info as CLOIPLAF but with E3PLAFL

CLOIPLAFD - Planned Order Info for Deletion via Interface (LOI)

CLOIPLAFI - Planned Order Info for Generation via Interface (LOI)

CLOIPLAFU - Planned Order Info for Update via Interface (LOI)

CLOIPLNID - Structure for result of funct.module 'read_arbpl'

CLOIPLNUM - Select Structure for Planned Orders (plnum)

CLOIPLOPR - Planned Order Operation: for Data Upload in LOI

CLOIPLOPR3 - Planned Order Operation: as CLOIPLOPR but with E3PLOPL

CLOIPLOPRU - Upload Changes to Planned Order Operations

CLOIPLRESBU - Upload of changes to material components of planned order


CLOIPRGRP - Ranges Table for Product Group

CLOIRESBU - Operation Information for Update via Interface (LOI)

CLOIRETVAL - CLOI Interface Return Values



CLOISTKO - Structure for BOM Download (BOM Header)

CLOISTPO - Structure for BOM Download (BOM Item)

CLOITCYMI - Transition matrix TCYMI header for POI

CLOITCYMIT - Transition matrix TCYMIT long texts for POI

CLOITCYTM - Transition matrix TCYTM structure for POI

CLOITRFCQ - Transfer of TRFC queue to ext. system

CLOITRMID - Transition matrix Identifier

CLOIVERID - Ranges table for VERID field


CLOI_ARBID_KEY - CLOI: key for workcenter (ARBID)

CLOI_CPIDENT - Key for processed change pointer

CLOI_KEY_MAT - Material+Werks key with BOM level information

CLOI_MODEL_MAT - Material of planned model, sent by POI

CLOI_PARA - Collection of Single Parameters for CLOI

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