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CKECPWORKSPACE - Hierarchical Worklists and Assignments in ECP

CKECPWORKSPACET - Texts for Hierarchical Worklists in ECP


CKECP_F4_EXTTX - Generated Table for View

CKECP_F4_LTEXT - Generated Table for View

CKEKMLC_DYNPRO_FIELDS - Fields of Multilevel Unit Costing

CKEKTREEITEM - Structure for Tree View Control

CKEKTREEUITEM - Structure for Tree View Control (update)

CKEK_ALV_TREE_LINE - Standard Rows in ALV Trees of Multilevel Unit Costing

CKEK_APPLICATION_ATTRI - Application Attributes in Multilevel Unit Costing

CKEK_APP_ATTRI - Application Attributes in Multilevel Unit Costing

CKEK_CBL_CKHS_FIELDS - Fields from Cost Estimate Header CKHS

CKEK_RESOURCE - Origin Fields in Multilevel Unit Costing

CKEK_S_NKEY_TO_OBJ - Assignment ALV Tree Node <--> Object

CKEK_S_OBJ_TO_T_NKEY - Assignment of Object to Table from ALV Tree Nodes

CKEX1_F_ACTV - Fields for Posting Activity Entry

CKEX1_F_ACTV_APPEND - Additional Fields Activity Entry

CKEX1_F_GICR - Fields for Posting Goods Issue

CKEX1_F_GICR_APPEND - Additional Fields Goods Issue

CKEX1_F_POCR - Fields for Posting Purchase Order

CKEX1_F_POCR_APPEND - Additional Fields Purchase Order

CKEX1_F_QUANTITY_EXEC_SRV - Easy Execution Services: Quantity and Unit of Measure

CKEX1_F_REQU - ECP: Lines for Purchase Requisition

CKEX1_F_REQU_APPEND - Additional Fields Purchase Requisition

CKEX1_F_RESV - Fields for Reservation Generation

CKEX1_F_RESV_APPEND - Additional Fields Reservation

CKEX1_S_EXECUTION_RESOURCES - Redundant Fields Retained from the Itemization

CKEX2_F_GICR - Reporting Structure for Service Goods Issue

CKEX2_F_POCR - Reporting Structure for Service Purchase Order

CKEX2_F_RESV - Reporting Structure for Service Reservation

CKEXTERNALACTIVITYSTRAT - Valuation of External Processing

CKEXTRDEL - Display of the Deletable Extracts

CKEXTRDUM - Dummy Structure for Referencing in Interfaces

CKEXUTIL_SERVICES - Detail Information Services + Row Type

CKEX_ACCOUNTING_OBJECTS - ECP: Account Assignment Objects for Execution Services

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