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CICCCONF - Call center framework components

CICCCONFVARID - Customer Interaction Center Component Variants

CICCCONFVARIDA - Allowed slots for component variant

CICCCONFVARIDC - Allowed component container variants for component variant

CICCCONFVARID_T - Customer Interaction Center Component Variant Text

CICCCONF_T - Customer interaction component text

CICCCONT - Component container configuration

CICCCONT_T - CIC Component Container Text

CICCFGTIME - Configuration change time

CICCHACONFIG - CIC CHA Configuration master and template configuration

CICCHAPROFILE - CIC CHA Profile to Configuration Mapping

CICCHAUSRCONFIG - CIC CHA per-user configuration

CICCONF - CCM framework screen configuration

CICCRELATION - Represent relations in CIC framework components



CICF4PROFILEWDESCRIPTION - CIC F4 component profiles with description

CICFHCASSN - Call center framework hidden component modules

CICFSCASSN - Call Center Framework Screen Component Module

CICORGSTRUC - Organizational Structure

CICORGSTRUCPROF - CIC organizational structure profiles

CICPROFILE - Customer interaction center profile

CICPROFILES - Customer interaction center profiles

CICPROFMASTER - Customer interaction center profile master

CICPROFMASTER_T - Customer Interaction Profile Master Text

CICSCHEMA - Hot keys definition for mouse free operations in CIC

CICSCHEMAHOTKEY - Hold all avaliable keys

CICSCHEMAKEYMAP - Hot keys definition for mouse free operations in CIC

CICSCHEMAOK_CODE - Holds all avaliable OK_CODEs for key re-mapping

CICSCHEMA_T - Hot keys description for mouse free operations in CIC

CICSEARCH - Search Result

CICTOOLBAR - CCM Application Toolbar Profile

CICTOOLBAREXCL - CIC Application Toolbar Exclusions

CIC_AGENT_XUBNAME - Dummy-structure for USR01

CIC_BINRELSHIP - BO VBKA: Binary Relationships

CIC_ITS_ACTION_DATA_REC - Data structure for ITS communication and data flow


CIC_OBJECT - CIC object record

CIC_OBJECT_LIST - CIC list of objects

CIC_RESTART_BUF2 - System table for buffering CIC restart data

CIC_RESTART_BUFF - System table for buffering CIC restart data

CIC_SMTP_ADDR - E-mail address

CIC_TRACE_BUFF - System table for buffering CIC restart data

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