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CHBSEXP - Possible entries for the Building /part Exposure

CHBSEXPT - text for entries for the Building /part Exposure

CHBSFBT - Fitlist-Relevant Building Types

CHBSFCG - Fitlist-Relevant Char. Groups

CHBSFMT - Fitlist relevant material groups

CHBSHTP - Possible Sales unit types

CHBSHTPT - Text table for home types

CHBSINTC - RE-SCM - 'sold to interal party' for canceled sales!

CHBSMWB - Web related info to models

CHBSNCM - Possible entries for the target income

CHBSNCMT - Text table for the target income

CHBSPRP - Reports offered at the pre-sales tool

CHBSPRPT - Text table to CHBSPRP

CHBSPSTYP - Customizing for PS<->RE-SCM link types


CHBSRLN - Possible relations for affected buildings

CHBSRLNT - Text table for HBSRLN

CHBTIV00 - Field status definitions for Real Estate object mgmt

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