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CFG3_ARCH_H - Header Archiving for Variant Configuration Before 4.0

CFG3_ARCH_I - Instance of a Configuration in Archiving Before 4.0

CFG3_ARCH_VCHAR - Value of Type CHAR in Configuration - Archiving Before 4.0

CFG3_ARCH_VNONCHAR - Value of Non-CHAR Format in Configuration - Archiving <4.0

CFGENERALSELECTION - Structure for Describing a General Selection Condition

CFGNL - General SAP-EIS field string


CFGO_TREEITEM - XOM: Tree Control Item

CFGRAPHIC - Parameters for graphics

CFGRK - Structure: Import/Delete key figure

CFG_ARCH_H - Header for Archiving Variant Configuration

CFG_ARCH_I - Instance of Configuration in Archiving

CFG_ARCH_VCHAR - CHAR Value in Configuration - Archiving

CFG_ARCH_VCOM - Value in Archiving for Configurations - General

CFG_ARCH_VNONCHAR - Value for Configuration not in CHAR Format - Archiving

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