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CDESK_ATTRIBS - CDESK: Attributes for Transport to cFolders

CDESK_BBOX - CDESK: Table for Saving Bounding Boxes

CDESK_BBOX_TYPE_CAD - CDESK: Bounding Boxes from CAD System

CDESK_BOM_HEADER - CAD Desktop: Structure for BOM Header Data

CDESK_BOM_ITEM - Item Data for BOM Comparison

CDESK_CALLBACK_ALL_DATA - Structure for All Data

CDESK_CALLBACK_DATA - Table of CAD Data for Callback

CDESK_CALLBACK_FILES - Table of Files for Callback

CDESK_CFOL_BOM_ITEM - CDESK: Values of the Attributes of BOM Items (cFolders)

CDESK_CFOL_ITEM_ATTRIB - CDESK: Values of the Attributes of BOM Items

CDESK_CHARACT_INFO - Information on Classification Characteristics

CDESK_CHAR_VALUES_KEYS - Characteristics for Several Documents

CDESK_C_APPLRANK - CAD Desktop: Search Sequence for Viewable Files (Applicatns)

CDESK_C_APPLS - Customizing for Applications for CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_BOMCREAT - Customizing for BOM Create with CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_CONFLICT - Customizing Table of Possible CDESK Conflicts

CDESK_C_CONFLSOL - Customizing Table of Possible Conflict/Solution Combinations

CDESK_C_DEFSOL - Customizing Table of CDESK Default Solutions for Conflicts

CDESK_C_DOCCREAT - Customizing for 'Create Document' with CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_EXPLCF - Customizing table: Doc str explosion - CAD Fields

CDESK_C_EXPLFA - Customizing table: CAD Field - Field Abrreviation values

CDESK_C_EXPLSC - Customizing Table: Explosion Scenarios

CDESK_C_EXPLSR - Customizing Table: Explosion Scenario STOP rules

CDESK_C_GROUPS - Customizing of User Group for CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_MATCREAT - Customizing of Material Create with CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_PARA - Customizing of Parameters for CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_RELTYP - Customizing of CAD Relationship Types for CAD Desktop

CDESK_C_SOLUTION - Customizing Table of Possible CDESK Default Solutions

CDESK_C_SYSTEMS - Customizing of CAD System for CAD Desktop

CDESK_DELETE_WIZARD - Document Data in Deletion Assistant of CAD Desktop

CDESK_DOCS - CAD Desktop: Favorites List

CDESK_DOCUMENT_STATUS - Current Status of a Document in SAP CAD Desktop

CDESK_DRAW - CDESK: Additional Data for Documents in CAD Desktop

CDESK_DYNP_FIELDS - Auxiliary Structure for Dynpro Fields w. Documentation/Texts

CDESK_FILE - Assignment of a CAD File to a Document

CDESK_FILE_REL - CAD Desktop: Store Original Structure Temporarily

CDESK_FILE_RELATION - Hierarchic Relationship Between Files in CAD System

CDESK_FILTERS - Table for Saving Filters for CAD Relationship Types

CDESK_FILTER_RELTYP - Filter CAD Relationship Types

CDESK_ICON - CDESK: Structure for Icons

CDESK_IPPE_RTYPE - CAD-Specific Relationship Type

CDESK_LOGS - Saved Trace Files

CDESK_MENU_OBJECT - Menu Entry on CAD Desktop Toolbar

CDESK_MONITOR - CDESK: Table for Monitoring Database Table DRAW

CDESK_MULTI_DOC_STRUCTURE - Structure to Copy Several Document Structures

CDESK_ORIGINAL_STATUS - Current Status of an Original

CDESK_PDOC_LOG - Trace Files for CAD Desktop

CDESK_PLM7_DOCUMENT_FIELDS - Document Info Record Fields CDesk PLM7


CDESK_SELECTED_OBJECT - Selected Object in CAD Desktop

CDESK_SRV_S_AUTH_CHECK - Structure for Authorization Check

CDESK_SRV_S_AUTH_CHECK_RESULT - Structure for Authorization Check Result



CDESK_SRV_S_BOM_ITM - Structure for BOD Item

CDESK_SRV_S_BOM_ITM_INST - Structure for Instance Data (TRAFO)

CDESK_SRV_S_CONFIRM_UPLOAD - Structure for Confirmation of File Upload

CDESK_SRV_S_CONF_UPL_RETURN - Structure (Return) for Confirmation of File Upload

CDESK_SRV_S_DIRTYPE_FIELDS - Settings for Field of Document Type

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ACTION_CHDIR - Document Action: Change DIR

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ACTION_CHSTR - Document Action: Change Structure

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ACTION_CRDIR - Document Action: Create DIR


CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ACTION_MESSAGE - Document Action: Message

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID - Structure for Document ID

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_ACC - Document ID: Access Control Context

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_APPL - Document ID: Application Types

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_COUNTER - Document ID: Counter for CDESK Monitor

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_EXT_NR - Structure for Document ID & External Number

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_FILE - Structure for Document File Information

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_FILE_URL - Structure for Document File URL

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_KEY - Structure for Document ID & Key

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_KEY_AND_EXT - Structure for Document ID & Key & External Number

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_KEY_AUTHOBJ - Structure for Document ID & Key with authorization object

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_ID_TST - Document ID: Timestamp

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_KEY - Structure for Document Key

CDESK_SRV_S_DOC_TYPE - CAD Desktop Structure for Document Type


CDESK_SRV_S_EXPL_STOP_ABBREV - Explosion Stop Rule - CAD Field abbreviation

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_BOMITM - Flexible Data Transfer: BOM Item

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_BOMITM_HIER - Flexible Data Transfer: BOM Item Hierarchy Fields

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_APPL - Flexible Data Transfer: Application Customizing Data

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_DATA - Flexible Data Transfer: Create DIR Customizing Data

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_DIR - Flexible Data Transfer: DIR Customizing Data

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_DIR_LT - Flexible Data Transfer: DIR Customizing Data - Longtext

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_DIR_LTE - Flexible Data Transfer: DIR Customizing Data - Longtext Ext.

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_DIR_STE - Flexible Data Transfer: DIR Customizing Data - Shorttext Ext

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_CUST_MAT - Flexible Data Transfer: Material Customizing Data

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_DATA - Flexible Data Transfer: Data

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_DIR - Flexible Data Transfer: DIR

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_DIR_CLF - Flexible Data Transfer: Classification

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_DIR_OBJ - Flexible Data Transfer: Object Link

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_ID_DATA - Flexible Data Transfer - Object ID & Data

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_ID_DESC - Flexible Data Transfer - Object ID & Description

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_INST_HIER - Flexible Data Transfer: Instance Hierarchy Fields

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_INST_META - Flexible Data Transfer: Instance Metadata

CDESK_SRV_S_FDT_INST_TMX - Flexible Data Transfer: Instance TMX

CDESK_SRV_S_FILE_ID - Structure for File IDs

CDESK_SRV_S_FILE_UPDATE - Structure for Document File Update

CDESK_SRV_S_FILE_UPDATE_URL - Structure for Document File Update URL

CDESK_SRV_S_ID_MAT_KEY - Structure for Object ID & Material Key

CDESK_SRV_S_LOIO_DATA - Structure for Loio Data

CDESK_SRV_S_LOIO_ID - Structure for Loio IDs

CDESK_SRV_S_LOIO_PHIO - Structure for Document File Loio, Phio Data

CDESK_SRV_S_MAT_KEY - Structure for Material Key





CDESK_SRV_S_OBJ_ID - Structure for Object ID

CDESK_SRV_S_RETURN_MESSAGES - Structure for Return Messages

CDESK_SRV_S_RUNTIME - Structure for Runtime

CDESK_SRV_S_SEARCH_ATTRIBUTES - Structure for Search Attributes

CDESK_SRV_S_SEARCH_DB_QUERY - Structure for Search DB Query

CDESK_SRV_S_SEARCH_QUERY - Structure for Search Query

CDESK_SRV_S_SEARCH_RESULT - Structure for Search Result

CDESK_SRV_S_WS_APPL - Structure for Workstation Application

CDESK_SRV_TEMP - CDESK: Temporary table to store file upload information

CDESK_STD_CLASS_TYPE - CAD Desktop: Direct Characteristics of Class with Attributes

CDESK_S_DOC_DEFSOL - Structure of Conflicts and Default Solutions for Documents

CDESK_TRAFO_TYPE_CAD - CAD Desktop: Transformation Matrixes from CAD System

CDESK_VERSION - Interface Version (CAD Desktop)

CDESK_WIZARD_DOCUMENT - Document Data in CAD Desktop Wizard

CDESTBDCFIELD - Online BDC value destination map

CDESTPID - Online BDC parameter-id preset destination

CDE_CODE - CDE code for generated reports

CDE_PKG_STR - Structure to Store Package Names

CDE_TAB_NAME - Table Name

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