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CAS01 - Work Area for Processing Addresses

CAS02 - Work Area for Direct Mailing Campaign

CAS03 - Link to SAPscript

CASCMA_MINIAPP - Structure for the MiniApp for the Schedule Manager


CASC_S_OAFLDPARAM - FOA: Field Name Translation to Name of Selection Parameter

CASDAYATTR - Interface: Daily attributes

CASE_NO - BC Set-Compatibility Check: Table of Cases

CASH_DOCUMENT_KEY - Cash Document Key

CASH_LEDGER - Cash Ledger Indicator

CAS_KUSTA_HELP - Help texts for data elements are displayed in lists

CAS_NAMEDVALUE - DII container for scalar data

CAS_S_MAIL_INTERFACE - Mailing Action: Interface Structure for Adobe Print

CAS_S_PRT_HEAD_DETAIL - Header Details for Print

CAS_S_PRT_INTERFACE - Contact: Interface Structure for Adobe Print

CAS_VIS - Proposal Fields for Statistics in Sales Support

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