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CABACOMMF - Communication Structure of CATS to R/3

CABAPARF4 - Structure for F4 Help

CABAREF - CATS: Transfer from CATS II to PS, PM, and CO

CABASHORTTEXT - Structure for Determining Short Texts in CATS

CABATARGAPPL - Target Component for CATS

CABA_COMPONENT_T - Working Time Component

CABA_CPR_COMMUNICATION - CATS II and cProjects: Communication Structure

CABA_EXTERNAL_KEY - CABA: Key Fields for Time Sheet

CABA_GENERIC_FIELD_STRUC - Generic Structure for Work and Additional Detail Attributes

CABA_HR_COMMUNICATION_STRUCT - Communication Structure Between CATS II and HR

CABA_HR_CONTEXT - Context Information for an HR Field

CABA_HR_F4_RESULT - Hitlist for F4 Help

CABA_HR_FIELD - Selection Criteria for Short Texts

CABA_HR_SHORTTEXT - Short Texts for a Field

CABA_W - CATS II: Worklist

CABA_WLIST_FIELDS - Help Fields for CATS II Worklist

CABA_WLIST_PROF - Fields from CATS Data Entry Profile for Worklist

CABN - Characteristic

CABNADDIT - Additionals for Overwrite

CABND - Dialog Structure for Characteristic Data

CABNNEW - Characteristic

CABNT - Characteristic Descriptions

CABNZ - Assignment of Table Fields to Characteristics

CABN_CIF - Charact.: The Structure Corresponds to the CABN as of 4.6B

CABN_EXCL - Characteristics That Are Excluded for Type Matching

CABN_IH - Characteristic Inheritance

CABN_KEY - Characteristic (CABN)

CABS - Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table AUSP

CABSEARCH - Search Help for Address Book

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