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AQLDB - SAP Query: Tables and Data (Local)

AQLIDOC - SAP Query: InfoSet Documentation (Key)

AQLIEXTR - SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Extractor)

AQLIFIELDS - SAP Query (L): Field Names (Internal)

AQLIMODE - SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal)

AQLIQID - SAP Query (L): Internal Identification of a Query

AQLISHOW - SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Presentation)

AQLISSCR - SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Selection Screen)

AQLQCAT - SAP Query: Query Catalog

AQLQDOC - SAP Query: Documentation for queries (key entries)

AQLQID - SAP Query (L): Complete Identification of a Query

AQLQSTRUC - SAP Query: Query / Structure Assignment

AQLSCAT - SAP Query: Functional Area Catalog

AQLTQ - SP Query: Texts for Queries

AQLTS - SAP Query: Texts for Functional Areas

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