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APICABN - Global Characteristics Data from User Interface

APICABNT - Classification API: Allowed Values

APICAWN - Classification API: Characteristic Values Language-Dep. Also

APITCME - Classification API: Validity of Global Characteristics

APIUB - Overwritten Characteristics Data

APIVEHIACTIONDATA_HEAD - VELO: Transfer Structure for Actions (Header Data)

API_ADS2KIPUPL_LINE_MAPPING - SPEC2000 Initial Provisioning - Line Mapping

API_ALLOC - Classification: API All Assignments to Object

API_AUSP - Classification: API

API_CAWN - Insert Characteristic Values

API_CCHAR - Characteristic Values of All Instances

API_CHAR - API Interface for Characteristics

API_CHARAC - Characteristic Keys

API_CHAR_I - Statement on Class from Which Characteristic Was Inherited

API_CHDAT - Global Characteristics Data Maintenance

API_CHDESC - Characteristic Description

API_CHKLRT - Validity for Global Characteristics

API_CHVAL - Change Characteristic Values

API_CHVDES - Characteristic Value Descriptions for Characteristic

API_CH_ATT - Attributes of Characteristics

API_CH_CMP - Structure for Setting Comparison Type for Characteristic

API_CITEM - All Items in Configuration Structure

API_CITEMDATA - All Items in Configuration Structure

API_CLASS - Class Key

API_CLCHV - Maintain Characteristic Values for Class

API_CLCHVD - Characteristic Value Descriptions for Charact. for Class

API_CLCH_C - Change Characteristic for Class

API_CLCH_I - Insert Characteristic in Class

API_CLDAT - Class Data

API_CLDESC - Class Description

API_CLINT - Class List by Request

API_CLLTXT - Class Long Text

API_CLTYPE - Classification: API Class Types for Object

API_CLV_I - Insert Characteristic Values for Characteristic in Class


API_CSPCIPHDR - IP Transmission Header Data

API_CSPCIPOCH - Other Charges - Code and amount

API_CSPCIPPDR - Spare/End Item Parts

API_CSPCIPPQA - Price Breaks

API_CSPCIPRPDE - Interchangeability - Replacing & Replaced Parts

API_CSPCIPSPL - Suppliers, Procurement & Procurement Technical Data

API_CV - Variant Article Values for Material Number Assignment

API_DOC_COMP_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Components for Document Originals

API_DOC_DRAD_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Object Links of a Document

API_DOC_DRAP_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Status Log

API_DOC_DRAT_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Short Texts

API_DOC_DRAW2_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Document Data

API_DOC_FILES2_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Documents Originals

API_DOC_KEYS_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Document Key

API_DOC_TEXT_X_PI - DMS: PlugIn-API Long Text Data of a Document

API_DRAD - Document-Object Link

API_DSPHDR - ALE Distribution Packet : Header Data (External Format)

API_DSPITM - ALE Distribution Packet : Object Data (External Format)

API_DSPSTS - ALE Distribution Packet : Status History

API_EHSBT_APPL_SCOPE - API-RCP: Scopes of Application

API_EMAKT - API Structure for Instantiated Material Data -Description-

API_EMARA - API Structure for Instantiated Material Data

API_FAILED_CONSISTENCY_STR - Failed Consistency Check Data for Constraints

API_FAILED_PRECOND_STR - Preconditions Not Met

API_FAILED_PRECOND_VAL_STR - Precondition for Characteristic Value Not Met

API_FTR_GETDETAIL_A_FLOW_MULTI - Other Flow Data for Transaction (Mass Data)

API_FTR_GETDETAIL_CP_MULTI - Details for Commercial Paper (Mass Data)

API_FTR_GETDETAIL_FLOW_MULTI - Flow Data for Transaction (Mass Data)

API_FTR_GETDETAIL_FTD_MULTI - Details for Fixed-term Deposit (Mass Data)

API_FTR_GETDETAIL_FXT_MULTI - Details for Foreign Exchange Transaction (Mass Data)

API_FUNC - Structure for names of variant functions

API_GHCL - Classification: Internal Table for Class Hierarchy

API_ISM_DAILY_GEN_RULE - IS-M: BAPI Structure for Gen. Rule for Daily Media Product

API_ISM_NON_DAILY_GEN_RULE - IS-M: BAPI Structure for Gen. Rule for Non-Daily Med.Product

API_KSSK - Classification: API All Assignments to Object

API_NESTED - Structure for 'Nested KMAT'

API_NST01 - Assign New Key to Temp. CUOBJ in DB-CUOBJ for NESTED-KMAT

API_NST02 - Convert temp. CUOBJ to DB CUOBJ incl. object instance

API_OBJEK - Objects

API_OB_KEY - Classification: Object Keys

API_OCHAR - API Interface for Reference Characteristics

API_PNRCP - API-RCP: Node Values

API_PNRL_DOWN_HIER - Node Relationships

API_PNRL_DOWN_STRUC - Node Relationships


API_RCP_GUID - PPE / BAPI: Identification of RCP Node

API_RSUSR200_ALV - Structure for the ALV Report RSUSR200

API_SINST - Information on Identical Instances

API_SPCIPCSNX - Locations Technical Data

API_SPCIPCSN_TEXT - Long Text for Locations

API_SPCIPEFF - Effectivities

API_SPCIPEXTN - Extension Structure - for additional user inclusions

API_SPCIPHDR - IP Transmission Header Data


API_SPCIPOSDS - Optional Suppliers and Distributers

API_SPCIPPARTS - Alternate/Optional/Modified Commercial Part Numbers

API_SPCIPPDRX - Spare Parts/End Items Technical Data

API_SPCIPPDR_TEXT - Long Text for Parts

API_SPCIPSPLX - Procurement Technical Data

API_SPCIPSPL_TEXT - Long Text for Suppliers

API_SPCIPUOA - Used on Assemblies


API_SPCIP_OPTIONS - Update Options



API_SPECIALIZE - Specialization of class nodes

API_STPO_I - Configuration: Instances for BOM Items

API_STPO_OBOM_I - Configuration: Instances for BOM Items

API_STTMAT - Entry Structure for API Material Variants

API_STTMAT01 - Entry structure API for material variants (external)

API_STTMAT_VAL - Field Contents for Material Variant Distribution

API_THEAD - SAPscript: Text Header

API_TLINE - SAPscript: Text Lines

API_TYP01 - Type matching

API_UDEFE - Errors Checking Allowed Characteristics in Class

API_UPSHDR - ALE Distribution Packet: Header Data (Input Structure)

API_UPSITM - ALE Distribution Packet: Object Data (Input Structure)

API_UPSPRE - ALE Distribution Packet: Predecessor (Input Structure)

API_UPSSRC - ALE Distribution Packet: Source ObjectData(Input Structure)

API_UPSSTS - ALE Distribution Packet: Status History (Input Structure)

API_UPS_C_ITM - CORE - ALE Distribution Package: Object Data (InputStruct)

API_VALHIE - Values in a Value Hierarchy for Characteristic

API_VALI - API Interface for Characteristic Value (Internal)

API_VALI_TXTNR - Key of Long Text for Characteristic Value

API_VALUE - API Interface for Characteristic Value

API_VALUE_ASSIGNED - Assigned Values

API_VALUE_EXPLANATION_STR - Explanation Data for Value

API_VALUE_F4 - Values for F4 Help

API_VALUE_TXTNR - Key of Long Text for Characteristic Value

API_VAL_A - API Interface for Value for Charac. (Int. Display) + Author

API_VAL_ATWRT - Characteristic Value


API_VAL_C_ERR - Value Changes for Which Check Terminated with Errors

API_VAL_I - Assigning and Deleting Characteristic Values

API_VAL_IN - Insert Characteristic Values

API_VAL_R - Classification: RFC Read Values

API_VCOND - Interface: Variant Conditions for Instance

API_VTAB_ECM - Structure for ECM data for variant tables

API_VTAB_FIELD - API interface for fields in variant table

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