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APADEF - Definition of application packets

APADEFT - Short text for application packet

APADEVC - Assigning Packages to Application Packages

APAEXCLUDE - Objects for which no external check is executed

APAFOREIGN - Permitted external use of objects

APAREBPP_ACCOUNT_INFO - Biller Direct: Data for Account

APAREBPP_ALLOCATION - Biller Direct: Assignment Item Data/Bill Data

APAREBPP_BAPI3007_2 - Transfer Structure 1007/Customer/Line Items for Biller Dir.

APAREBPP_BAPI3008_2 - Transfer Structure 1008/Vendor/Line Items for Biller Direct

APAREBPP_CLEARING_INFO - Biller Direct: Data for Clearing

APAREBPP_CLR_CRE_PART - Biller Direct: Assignment Credit to Bill for Part Settlement

APAREBPP_INVOICE - Biller Direct: Bill Data

APAREBPP_INVOICE_INFO - Biller Direct: Data for the Original Receivable

APAREBPP_INVOICE_ITEM - Biller Direct: Data of the Summarized Receivable

APAREBPP_INV_PAYDATA - Biller Direct: Payment Data for the Bills

APAREBPP_ITEM - Biller Direct: Item Data

APAREBPP_KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code) Enhancements Internet

APAREBPP_KNB1_ADDSEL - Customer Master (All Company Codes Enhancements Internet)

APAREBPP_KNB1_BUKRS - Customer Master (Company Code) Enhancements Internet

APAREBPP_MYPAYMENTS - Biller Direct: My Payments

APAREBPP_PAYALLOCATION - Biller Direct: Payment Data/Bill Data Assignment

APAREBPP_PAYALLOCATION_EXT - Biller Direct: Payment Data/Bill Data Assignment (extended)

APAREBPP_PAYAMOUNT - SAP Biller Direct: Payment Amount per Account in a Payment

APAREBPP_PAYEXPLANATION - Biller Direct: Payment Explanation (G/L Items)

APAREBPP_PAYMENT_INFO - Biller Direct: Data for the Payment

APAREBPP_PAYMENT_ITEM - Biller Direct: Data for the Payment

APAREBPP_PAYMENT_TERMS - Biller Direct: Payment Conditions

APAREBPP_SE_DUECLEARING_ID - allocation of invoices and payments to a due clearing item

APAREBPP_SUBST - SAP BD: Fields that can be changed with an instruction

APAREBPP_UMSKZ_RANGE - Select Option for Special G/L Indicator

APAREBPP_WTAB - SAP Biller Direct: Dynamic Where Condition

APARELA - Define Relationships Between Application Packages

APAR_ADDRESS - Transfer Structure for an Address (Common to AP/AR)

APAR_EBPP_ACTIVITY_CATEGORY - Biller Direct: activity category name and text

APAR_EBPP_ADDRESS - Transfer Structure for an Address (Special to Biller Direct)

APAR_EBPP_ADFAX - Transfer Structure for a Fax No. (Special to Biller Direct)

APAR_EBPP_ADRML - Transfer Structure for a Remote Mail Address (Biller Direct)

APAR_EBPP_ADSMTP - Transfer Structure for an SMTP Address (Special to Biller D)

APAR_EBPP_ADTEL - Transfer Structure for a Telephone No. (Special to Biller D)

APAR_EBPP_ADURI - Transfer Structure for an URI Address (Special to Biller D.)

APAR_EBPP_AMOUNT - Biller Direct: Payment Amount for Authorization

APAR_EBPP_AUT - Payment Cards: Data for Authorization

APAR_EBPP_CARD - Payment Cards Data for Biller Direct

APAR_EBPP_CARDTYPE - Biller Direct: Card Types (Institutes)

APAR_EBPP_CARDTYPES - Biller Direct: Card Types (Institutes)

APAR_EBPP_CARD_DETAILS - Payment Card Details


APAR_EBPP_CREDITS - Biller Direct: Totals Information

APAR_EBPP_CUSTOMIZING - Biller Direct: Customizing Settings

APAR_EBPP_DISPUTEREASON - Biller Direct: Reasons for Dispute Management

APAR_EBPP_DUECLEARING_IDS - allocation of invoices and payments to a due clearing item

APAR_EBPP_FILE_EXTENSIONS - Biller Direct: File Types for Uploaded Bill

APAR_EBPP_INVID_STRUC - Structure for a Biller Direct Bill Number

APAR_EBPP_KNA1_EXT - Structure for Customer Table with Company Code

APAR_EBPP_KNB1 - Structure for Customer Enhancement Table

APAR_EBPP_RELEASE_INFO - Biller Direct: Release Information

APAR_ITEM_ID - Identification of an Item in AP/AR



APAUSED - Basis Objects Used in Other Packages

APAUSED_TEST - Basis Objects Used in Other Packages

APA_CHECK - Membership of an object to application packet with check fld

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