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AAACC_EXCL - Exception Table for Account Assignment Settings in FI-AA

AAACC_OBJ - Account Assignment Settings in Asset Accounting

AAACC_OBJ_ERR - Types of Error During Check of Acct Assignment in FI-AA

AAACD1 - Standard Change Documents Table (Not Used)

AAACD2 - Standard Change Documents Table (Not Used)

AAALINE - Transfer Structure for Download

AAAVAL - Profile generator: Organizational levels

AAA_GRP - Group

AAA_INCL - Include structure

AAA_KEYS - SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition

AAA_POP - Structure for Popup

AAA_ROLES - SAP Authorization Assistant - Roles Managed by Tool

AAA_ROLES2 - SAP Authorization Assistant - Roles no longer Managed

AAA_TREE - Help Structure

AAA_TXT - Role and Text

AAA_USERS - SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition

AAA_USR - User

AAA_VALUES - SAP Authorization Assistant - Values

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