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KV011 - Variances: Output Quantities

KV011V - Variances: Output Quantities for Target Cost Versions

KV012 - Variances: Costs

KV013 - Variances: Values

KV014 - Explanation Facility for Scrap, WIP: Valuation Data (Header)

KV015 - Splitting: Import BAdI

KV016 - Splitting: Export BAdI

KV020 - Variances: Cost Table

KV02B - General Key Figures Depending on Processing Step (Tgt Costs)

KV02C - Structure for Determination of Costing (Target Costs)

KV02F - Key Figures Depending on Costing (Target Costs)

KV02G - Structure of General Data (Target Costs)

KV02M - Structure for Message Format

KV02S - Structure for Determination of Orders On Hand

KV02V - Structure for Calculation of Target Credit

KV030 - Common Structure in Variance Tables

KV031 - Common Structure of Results Analysis Tables

KV03V - Availability check work areas: Construction correction

KV041 - Variances: Operation

KV042 - Variances: function parameters

KV043 - Target costs: Further Data for Explanation

KV20A - Common Structure in Variance Tables

KV20A_IND - Indicators of the Target Cost Version

KV20B - Structure for Transferring Target Cost Versions

KV20C - Screen Fields for SAPLKV20

KV20D - Valuation Strategy for WIP and Scrap

KVBUK - Kredit Limit Check: Status Fields

KVERI_CLNT - Generated Table for View

KVEWE_RAN - Range Table for Use of Condition Table


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