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KNA1 - General Data in Customer Master

KNA1BRAZIL - Customer Master Data - Brazil

KNA1EXIT - Interchange Point for Adding to the Customer Master (KNA1)

KNA1VV - Generated Table for View

KNA1_APP_DI - Customer Master (General Part) Direct Input Append Structure

KNA1_BF - Help structure for KNA1 for decoupling

KNA1_DI - Customer Master (General Part) Direct Input

KNA1_FS - Customer Master

KNA1_ISR - Additional Fields and Work Fields for IS-Retail

KNA1_KEY - Key for table KNA1 for mass access

KNA1_KEY_S - Key: Customer Master with Client

KNA1_PSO - IS-PS Fields for Table KNA1

KNA1_REFERENCE - Structure for Referenceable Fields in KNA1

KNA1_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNA1

KNAS - Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section)

KNAS_KEY_S - Key: EC Tax Numbers Customer with Client

KNAT - Customer Master Record (Tax Groupings)

KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code)

KNB1_APP_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Company Code Data Customer

KNB1_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Company Code Data Customer

KNB1_FS - Customer Company Code

KNB1_KEY_S - Key: Company Code Data Customer with Client

KNB1_MEM - Customer Master: Company Code Data + Status Information

KNB1_TDNAME_EXTRACT - Extract Structure for DataSource 0KNB1_TDNAME_ATTR

KNB4 - Customer Payment History

KNB4TAB - Payment history in table format

KNB4_AEDAT - Generated Table for View

KNB5 - Customer master (dunning data)

KNB5_APP_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Dunning Data Customer

KNB5_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Dunning Data Customer

KNB5_KEY_S - Key: Dunning Data Customer with Client

KNBK - Customer Master (Bank Details)

KNBKAJ0 - IS-P: Additional Data on Bank Connection

KNBKAJ0 - IS-M: Additional Bank Details

KNBK_BF - Customer master (bank details)

KNBK_KEY_S - Key: Bank Details Customer with Client

KNBW - Customer master record (withholding tax types) X

KNBW_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Withholding Tax Customer

KNBW_KEY - Key for Customer Master (Withholding Tax Types) (KNBW)

KNBW_KEY_S - Key: Withholding Tax Customer with Client

KNC1 - Customer master (transaction figures)

KNC1_AEDAT - Generated Table for View

KNC1_BAK - Customer Master (Transaction Figures)

KNC3 - Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)

KNC3_AEDAT - Generated Table for View

KNC3_BAK - Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)

KNEA - Assign Bank Details and Payment Methods to Revenue Type

KNEX - Customer Master: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party List

KNEX_KEY_S - Key: Sanctioned Party List Customer Master with Client

KNKA - Customer master credit management: Central data

KNKA_AEDAT - Generated Table for View

KNKK - Customer master credit management: Control area data

KNKKF1 - Credit Management: FI Status Data

KNKKF1V - Additional A/R summary display fields

KNKKF2 - Credit Management: Open Items by Days in Arrears

KNKKR1 - Results for Distribution to Decentralized SD Modules

KNKKR2 - Credit Management: FI Status Data - Dunning Data

KNKKR3 - Credit Management: Data on Oldest Open Item

KNKKR4 - Credit Management: FI Status - Credit Master Data

KNKK_AEDAT - Generated Table for View

KNKO - Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object

KNKO_VB - KNKO extended by sales document for sales order archiving

KNMT - Customer-Material Info Record Data Table

KNMTK - Customer-Material Info Record Header Table

KNMT_BTE - Customer-Matl Info Record with Business Transaction Events

KNMT_REF - Generated Table for View KNMT_REF

KNM_DAT - Transaction/Report Data Structure: Customer Usage Monitor

KNM_USK - Component Data Structure: Customer Usage Monitor

KNM_VAL - Value Line: Customer Usage Monitor

KNOB - Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object

KNOBJTAB - Buffer Table for Allocation Numbers

KNSAPWLUS - SAP workload - user structure plus user classification

KNTBE - Substitutions during account assignment check

KNTBL - Coding Block

KNUKN - Structure: Node - Parent Node

KNUMAMMUPD - Rebate Arrangements Per Reversal Billing Documents

KNUMAS - Assignment KNUMAs Old - New

KNUMA_LI - Arrangement line in list output from settlement runs

KNUMA_RAN - Range Table for Agreement Number

KNUMA_STY - Rebate Arrangements

KNUMHMMUPD - Condition Records from Billing Documents to be Deleted

KNUMHS - Assignment KNUMHs Old - New

KNUMH_COMP - Sales price calculation: Structure for exchanging KNUMHs

KNUMH_DAT - Data for condition number

KNUMH_RAN - Range Table for Condition Number

KNUMH_TEMP_TO_REAL - Exchange Temporary Condition Number for Real One

KNVA - Customer Master Unloading Points

KNVA_KEY_S - Key: Uploading Point Customer with Client

KNVD - Customer master record sales request form

KNVD_KEY_S - Key: Document Request Sales for Customer with Client

KNVH - Customer Hierarchies

KNVH_APPL_LOG - Structure for Error Log in Customer Hierarchy

KNVH_BTE - Customer Hierarchies: Nodes with Business Transaction Events

KNVH_BTEX - Customer Hierarchies: Nodes with Business Transaction Events

KNVH_NODE_POINTER - Customer Hierarchies: Node Instance in Customer Hierarchy

KNVH_NODE_POINTERX - Customer Hierarchies: Node Instance in Customer Hierarchy

KNVH_TC_TREENODE - Node Structure for Tree Control in Customer Hierarchy

KNVI - Customer Master Tax Indicator

KNVI_APP_DI - Cust. Master Control Indicator Append Structure Direct Input

KNVI_DI - Customer Master Control Indicators (Direct Input)

KNVI_KEY_S - Key: Tax Indicators Customer with Client

KNVK - Customer Master Contact Partner

KNVKADRFELD - CAM Address Fields of a Contact Person

KNVK_KEY - Key for table KNVK for mass access?

KNVK_KEY_S - Keyfields: Contact Partner of Customer with Client

KNVK_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNVK

KNVL - Customer Master Licenses

KNVL_KEY_S - Key Licenses Customer with Client

KNVP - Customer Master Partner Functions

KNVP_APP_DI - Business Partner (Direct Input): Cust. Master Partner Roles

KNVP_DI - Business Partner (Direct Input): Cust. Master Partner Roles

KNVP_KEY_S - Key Partner Roles: Customer with Client

KNVS - Customer Master Shipping Data

KNVT - Customer Master Record Texts for Sales

KNVV - Customer Master Sales Data

KNVVEXIT - Interchange for Adding Data to the Customer Master (KNVV)

KNVV_APP_DI - Customer Master (Sales) Direct Input Append Structure

KNVV_DI - Customer Master (Sales Part) Direct Input

KNVV_KEY - Key for the customer's sales organization

KNVV_KEY_S - Key Sales Data Customer with Client

KNVV_LISTE - Reporting: KNVV

KNVV_RTEXTE - Reporting: Long texts for KNVV

KNZA - Permitted Alternative Payer

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