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KFM_CATEGORY - Define Key Figure Categories


KFM_INTERVAL - Define Intervals for Value Determination of Key Figures


KFM_KF_ADM_VAR - Variants for Administrator Key Figures

KFM_KF_ADM_VART - Variants for Administrator Key Figure Texts

KFM_KF_ADM_VAR_H - History for Administrator Key Figure

KFM_KF_CACHE - Key Figure Value Storage

KFM_KF_COMMENT - Comments on Key Figure Values

KFM_KF_COMPARE - User-Specific Key Figure Comparisons

KFM_KF_GROUP - Key Figures in Key Figure Group

KFM_KF_GROUP_HDR - Header Data: User-Specific Key Figure Group

KFM_KF_USR_VAR - User Key Figures

KFM_KF_USR_VAR_H - History of User Key Figures

KFM_PF_BW_ASSIGN - Field Assignments Key Fig. Report - Personalization Framewk

KFM_PF_R3_ASSIGN - Field Assignments Key Fig. Report - Personalization Framewk

KFM_S_ADM_VAR_NAME_DESCR - Name and Description of a Key Figure

KFM_S_KF_ADM_VAR - Key Figure Administrator

KFM_S_KF_CATALOG - Key Figures Catalog

KFM_S_KF_CATEGORY - Key Figure Category

KFM_S_KF_COMMENT - Comments on Key Figure Values

KFM_S_KF_DETAIL - Key Figure Details

KFM_S_KF_HIERARCHY - Structure of Key Figure Hierarchy

KFM_S_KF_HIST - Key Figure History

KFM_S_KF_ID - Key Figure IDs for User and Key Figure Variants

KFM_S_KF_ID_VAR - Key Figure ID and Technical Name of Administrator Key Figure

KFM_S_KF_OUTTAB - Structure Output Table Key Figure Monitor

KFM_S_KF_TREND - Output Table Structure: Key Figure Trend (All Values)

KFM_S_KF_TREND_GRAPH - Display Key Figure Trend as Graphic

KFM_S_VIEW_NAME - Name of a Key Figure View

KFM_USR_KF_VIEW - Assignment of Key Figure Users to Views

KFM_USR_VIEW - User, Context, and Role-Specific Views

KFPE - Transfer Price Agreement: Allocation History

KFPEW - Clearing Amounts in Various Currencies

KFPK - Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement/Allocation

KFPK_BELNR - Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement

KFPK_DAT - Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement/Alloc.Data Fields

KFPK_EXIT - Document Header: Export Enhancement Transfer Price Agmt

KFPP - Document Header: Transfer Prices for Tasks

KFPPI - Index of Transfer Price Agreements for an Object

KFPPW - Document Item Amounts in Different Currencies

KFPP_CI - Structure for Customer Include CI_KFPP

KFPP_DAT - Document Header: Transfer Prices for Tasks

KFPP_EXIT - Document Item: Export Enhancement Transfer Price Agmt

KFPR - Screen Fields for SAPMKFPR

KFPR_CHANGE_EXIT - Document Item: Import Changes Enhancement Trfr Price Agmt

KFPR_NEW_EXIT - Document Item: Import New Lines, Enhancement Trfr Price Agmt

KFPR_USERDAT - Document Header: Fixed Price Documents

KFPS - Screen Fields for RKFPS001

KFPSV - Individual Tasks for Collective Agreements

KFPS_SM - List Showing Individual Tasks

KFPS_TPA - List Showing Transfer Price Agreements

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